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My Story

Let me introduce myself

Hi, my name is Christine Oliver: Lived-in colour enthusiast!


I have been a hairstylist for about 15years now (I can't actually believe that!). As a naturally curious person, I believe in continued professional and personal development. In the past I have been SO fortunate to learn from some of the best educators around the globe: America, London, Italy, Canada and so many more.

The great thing about learning from so many artists is that you develop quite a broad idea of what hair colour can be. Gone are the days of just a traditional highlight or having your hair done every 6-8weeks. You have options and choices now, which can also be a bit intimidating…I know x

Since going freelance, I have the freedom to create the kind of customer experience that I truly believe in. Personally I feel that I work best when I can focus on one thing at a time, so all my appointments are one to one (no double bookings). 


Based in the heart of The Lanes is my hair home: Cohairent. The salon has a really calm, warm energy… an oasis in the middle of buzzing Brighton.

I love doing minimalist looks that are high impact.

The vibe is: You've been on holiday in the Caribbean for 6weeks and have a natural sun-kissed glow now. Nobody needs to know that it happened with a 3hour salon appointment ;)

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